Top class coffee from paradise

Caribbean easiness coupled with full-flavoured relaxation. That is our fresh Jamaica Blue Mountain™ coffee. Add to this, a sophisticated roasting and brewing method and your break with a premium coffee dream is ready. 

Blue Mountain coffee with pergament skin in a dry bed
Blue Mountain coffee with pergament skin in a dry bed

What we do



BUNAO stands for a special project, a new way to enjoy coffee. We only use ONE kind of coffee, from ONE farm, from ONE farmersustainably and organically grown. The rare Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee™, in particular, sets high standards of quality and taste which are unrivalled. Coffee connoisseurs know about the full taste of Blue Mountain™ coffee, that is one of the most prized coffees and not without reason called “the champagne among coffees”. The small area of land farmed together with the order books of the factory being fully booked in advance, have led to Jamaica Blue Mountain™ being an absolute rarity.

Farmhouse in paradisiacal located
Farmhouse in paradisiacal located

Our organically cultivated Arrabica Coffee (type; Typica and Geisha) grows on the highest farm in St. Thomas at an elevation of 1240m in the dreamy Blue Mountains. The mist in the Blue Mountains has resulted in the unique climate found there in which the coffee cherries grow at a noticeably slower pace. The longer ripening time results in a special aroma. The high location of the farm gives our Jamaica Blue Mountain™ an unparalleled delicious taste. We have enriched this even more, using a special roasting method, to ensure Jamaica Blue Mountain is a masterful coffee. This first class coffee is so excellent that it should only serve to celebrate extra special occasions and moments.


Dry bed where the coffee is dried
Dry bed where the coffee is dried
Coffee cherries ripening
Coffee cherries ripening
View of the Blue Mountains
View of the Blue Mountains


The coffee ceremony to relax

in which all of your sins will be kidnapped and ultimately spoilt by an excellent aroma. Taste the sun-kissed lightness of the pearl of the Caribbean.  

Bunao Coffee Bag Tear open
Tear open
Bunao Coffee Bag Put it in
Put it in
Bunao Coffee Bag Pour slowly
Pour slowly
Bunao Coffee Bag Wait for a short time
Wait for a short time

...Remove the bag... ready!

Taste : Exquisite richness, velvety full character and a soft, smooth unforgettable aroma with a lack of bitterness and a sweet, nutty note, mild acidity. Furthermore, fresh roasted Jamaica Blue Mountain™ keeps its flavour for a long time.

The Bunao Coffee Bag is a return to the traditional brewed by hand preparation: hot water and roasted coffee. It is simply hung in the cup and brewed there. Good coffee can be so easy.

Ideal for use on the road, in the office or at home, when you would just like a cup of coffee instead of brewing a whole pot.

Brewing by hand prepares your coffee in a completely gentle way. This results in a charming, elegant, noble and black coffee in both appearance and taste.


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