Bunao Jamaica Blue Mountain™ Coffee


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Treat yourself to a very special aromatic first class coffee from the pearl of the Caribbean.


100% pure Jamaica Blue Mountain™ coffee from our small farmer Jah B`s  high-altitude farm

freshly roasted and lovingly packed, by hand, in portion sized produced bags to brew in the cup and stored in a tastefully designed container.


Spoil yourself and celebrate your good taste with the rare exquisite Jamaica Blue Mountain™.


Special first class coffee requires exceptional preparation. The  Bunao bag brewing method allows the aroma to develop completely naturally without the pressure of a machine.


Tear open the top of the bag, pull the handles, on the sides, apart and place them on the rim of the cup, slowly pour the water into the coffee bag and remove it after a short time. The coffee treat is ready.


A true coffee ceremony that brings pleasure to you and your palate,


Information: we recommend using a standard coffee cup ( volume 180ml - 210ml ). Larger mugs or pots contain more water which could distort the taste. The ideal temperature for pouring is between 92° and 96° C. It is recommended that boiling water is left to cool for 30 seconds before being poured.



Tip:  Even when you usually drink your coffee with milk or sugar please try our coffee “black”. You will be amazed how mild and intense coffee can taste.

Bunao Essence

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